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Developing the FSLT12 MOOC- synchronous audiographics

George , Jenny and I had our second meeting earlier this week to discuss the development of The First Steps Learning and Teaching MOOC, FSLT12.

The agenda was packed with lots to discuss and debate, (including a hash tag)

One of the questions that George posed was “should we offer audio graphics for all?”. The ‘all’ being 1000 or so participants, which we are planning for.

I have yet to participate in a MOOC (busy choosing one to join) but reflecting on  my job as a busy lecturer in higher education, audio synchronous interactions  with colleagues and students are ever increasingly part of routine practice.

A perfect connection happens sometimes and in spite of the imperfections we persist. Confidence with the technology grows, the technology will get better and the real time connectivity is key.  A very recent e-mail I received from a student conveys this well

Whilst Jane and I didn’t manage to participate in the collaborate session (I lost my connection and when I redialed, it was Jane and I on the call…not sure why), but we had a great chat and enjoyed connecting with another student”

Returning to the topic of the FSLT12 MOOC, our main concern is how many people can you get into an illuminate or online classroom at once? Jenny has the  experience of this in a MOOC situation and has been aware of attendance of 100+ and considers that we must offer the opportunity of audio synchronous sessions especially to provide interactivity between the participants and the guest speakers we are planning to invite.


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